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This tour has all the fun and none of the stress. We take a TGV from Paris Gare de l'Est station to the center of Reims.  Not only is Reims home to the most famous French wine, Champagne, it is also known as the fountainhead of the French Nation.

The Smiling Angel aka  Le Sourire de Reims

The Smiling Angel aka Le Sourire de Reims

No trip to this city is complete without a tour of 'Our Lady of Reims Cathedral'. She is one of the oldest and finest examples of Gothic architecture in the world.  But her true significance lies in the fact that it was here, in 498 that that Clovis the first King of France was baptized. It is this very spot that proclaims to be the birthplace of France.  We will take a tour with a professional guide to learn about her significant place in history and the role she still plays in modern day France.



A glass of Champagne in Reims.

A glass of Champagne in Reims.

We take a tour (in English) and go deep into the cellars with one of the special guides to get a glimpse of how champagne is produced now, as it's always have been through the ages.  At the end of our tour, with your glass of champagne in hand, there is a fun interactive sniff test with our guide to see who has the best nose for wine.

Typical French restaurant in Reims

Typical French restaurant in Reims

Reims is well known for exceptional food. We will have a lot to choose from on the day.  After lunch there will be time to roam around the streets of Reims at your own pace to explore and do some shopping. 



We will return to Paris via TGV railway and be back in Paris by dinner time. 

What is included:

  • Tour of Champagne Cave

  • Champagne Tasting

  • Tour of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims by a Professional guide.


This tour runs by request.

  • The cost of lunch is not included. You can expect to pay around 15-20 euros for a meal, not including drinks.

  • TGV direct from Paris Gare d’est

  • This is a walking tour so please wear comfortable shoes and have an umbrella handy just in case!

  • The order of events may change depending on the weather and other circumstances.

  • If the minimum number of reservations are not met within 48 hours of this tour commencing, all tickets will be refunded.  

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