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Yoga on the Wild Atlantic Way

The Stay


Our group of five French citizens and three American expats gathered along the Wild Atlantic Way to embark on a weekend of yoga and wellness. A time to relax, and practice our poses in new surroundings, away from the familiar routines and distractions of Paris. At least that was what we hoped for, although it turned out to be much more than that!  I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say this place is magical. There was a calm that descended upon us as we observed the mountains raising out of the sea along the coast in this beautiful Irish hamlet. Within the purview of our surroundings we knew this was not going to be just about yoga and perfecting the warrior pose.  We were about to begin our journey to reconnect with ourselves, commune with Mother Nature and acquiesce to the timeless rhythms of life.


Yoga with Ann

Ann was a perfect choice for a yoga instructor. She has been practicing for 30 years and sees yoga as a pathway to clarity: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  I was very happy I got the opportunity to chat with Ann on video and talk to her about yoga, and her view of connecting this ancient practice to the natural surrounds of this exquisite landscape.

Ann Moradian

On the beach at Portsalon

The outings 

A yoga pose atop a mountian with spectacular views of the Wild Atlantic Way.  Co. Donegal, Ireland. "Unique Ascent" 


On tour inside the light house

Fanad Light house - This iconic structure has been lighting the way since it was first lit on March 17,  1817. No trip to this part of Donegal is complete without a visit and tour of this beautiful structure and exploring the area around the Fanad Head.


Fanad light house

The Great Pollock Sea Arch is not for the faint of heart. It takes some determination to make it through the cow patch and over the barbed wire to see one of natures most magnificent creations, but it is worth it.  This arch is a result of marine forces over millennia eroding rock. This arch is considerd one of the top 15 sea arches in the world. The green that surrounds the area seems unreal combined with the purple seaweed and blue ocean, was hard to know where to look! 


The Great Pollock Sea Arch

Glenveagh National Park and Castle. Some 16,540 hectares (40,873 acres) of mountains, lakes, glens and woods, with a herd of red deer. A Scottish style castle is surrounded by one of the finest gardens in Ireland, which contrast with the rugged surroundings.  Locate 35 minute drive from Portsalon and a must see.  We spent just one hour in the gardens and it was not nearly enough. Plan at least a 1/2 day for the full tour of the castle and grounds. 

Where we lived

The houses where we stayed in Portsalon  (Ardglass Cottages) were super, spacious and ideally located to explore the area. A full kitchen and large dining area meant we could all cook and eat together every night. The food was all vegeterian, fresh and yummy. We had a selection of Indian, Irish and French recipies. 

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