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Schedule | Hike Mount Errigal

Description and schedule of tour.

What to expect and schedule for the MouNt Errigal Tour

Join us for our day hike of Mount Errigal, and Altan Farm walking tour. Mount Errigal is the highest mountain in Donegal at 751 metres and it dominates Donegal with its glimmering crest of quartzite. For many, it is quite simply the most beautiful mountain in the country and it is certainly among the most climbed despite its remote location. Errigal has a mysterious quality: appearing to change shape depending on what direction you view it from.

This is a great tour for families of all ages. 


9:00 Meet in from of the shop at Ardglass Cottages in Portsalon

10:00 - 12:00 Hike Mt Errigal

12am - 1pm Lunch - Sack Lunch is included with this tour.

1:00-3:00 Travel to Altan Farm and Tower

4:00 pm Arrive back at Ardglass Cottages

This schedule is approximate and may change do to unforeseen circumstances, traffic or weather.