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Paris Apartments

Paris Apartments on “la rive droite”


All of our apartments are located on the Right Bank of the Seine river, an area synonymous with elegance, sophistication and chic.  The Right Bank is home to some of Paris' most loved and well know monuments including the Louvre, Place Vendome, and La Concorde. Here you will also find the cities most famous and recognizable streets such as the Champs-Élysées, rue Saint-Honoré, Rue de Rivoli and Avenue Montaigne.


We offer additional services for that special time in Paris.  Create an instant holiday masterpiece by adding chilled champagne, luscious chocolate or a bouquet of fresh roses. All this and more can be waiting for you at check in.  Contact us directly to get more information.


The Neighborhoods

Paris, France 1st Arrondissment

Rue Saint Honoré Neighborhood
“Better than the Champs Elysees”

If luxury is what you are looking for than skip the Champs Elysees and take your time to stroll along rue Saint Honoré instead! Filled with unique shops and trendy cafes, there is no better place in Paris to find top designer goods, Chanel, Gucci, Prada... And for those with a discering eye get a glimpse into the designers of tomorrow.


Paris, France 2nd Arrondissment

Montorgueil Neighborhood

The Rue Montorgueil neighborhood located in the 2nd arrondissement is a vibrant pedestrian area in the heart of Paris. One of Paris' permanent market streets Rue Montorgueil boasts some of the best meat and fish markets in the city, along with renowned pastry shops cozy bistros, boutiques, and bars diverse enough to please hipsters and traditionalists alike.

This district shows how even the busy center of Paris reserves village-like nooks. It also gives a picture of how Paris manages to be resolutely modern while preserving traditions such as family-owned fishmongers, cheese shops, and brasserie-bars.